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 I Wonder

I wonder 

I'm lazy on my bed

From the phone, two handsome guys  appeared and said hello                                                             

Can we go on a date?, You are so pretty, 

I hooked my nose to make him run away, but he said. 

oh baby you are so exciting , and he told me 

I wonder everything about us 

Tell me what we do

I wonder what we'll be like

어떤 모습일지도

And how we be living our lives

세월의 야속 앞에


미련하게 궁금해

(I wonder everything about us)

삶의 끝자락 황혼을 접해도

기대 없이 마주해

Love that Yourz

정해진 답은 그저 없고

열렬히 당당하게 무지의 고백

치열하게 살았던 만큼

Drawing a perfect, U n I

우리 색채는 뚜렷하니깐

So I wonder, and I wanna

And I wonder wonder wonder wonder

Where we'll go

(Where we'll go)

"Cause I wanna wanna wanna wanna

Keep you close

(Keep you close)

There" s a hundred million maybes

But I gotta know

(Gotta know)

We could keep it alive for life

This love

Right now

It's all we got

All we need

We're happy

Right now

So why don't we

Ride this feeling

Just dance

Right now

But don't you stop

Lookin' forward

Just enjoy it

This love

We can keep forever falling 


I take your time, I take your mind

become the most perfect version 

I am the most beautiful Euphoria in the your universe 

( Your universe)